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Beachbody  and Shakeology changed my entire mindset of nutrition and fitness.

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Every program Beachbody has ever created, plus BOD exclusives!  Nutrition plans, workout calendars and so much more!

It's Your Life

From a depressed wife, mom, and full time teacher suffering from hypothyroidism and obsessive compulsive disorder to an energetic, positive wife, mom full time teacher, personal trainer, and an Independent Team Beachbody coach, I understand the struggles life throws at us.  I spiraled into a person who couldn't find joys in life.  I thought I knew "happy."  Fitness and proper nutrition showed me something different.

I know that it is important for parents, especially moms, to take care of themselves.  If we constantly run ourselves ragged, what good are we to those who need us the most?  Moms often feel like they need to be the martyr...we need to take care of every other person's (or pet's) needs first and continually sacrifice ourselves.  We forget that we have to take care of ourselves.

It is time for you to take control of your health and fitness.  Your time is now.  Stop saying tomorrow.  Let's connect.  Start your journey today.





Are you ready?

It's time to take control of your health and fitness.  Don't you think?