Driven by a passion for helping others, Katie's goal is to connect people with fitness and nutrition solutions that work in their lives. Through fitness, nutrition, and faith, all things are possible.


Katie's Story

Katie is a Team Beachbody coach who is also certified as a personal trainer and certified fitness nutrition specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Fitness has been a serious focus in Katie's life for about 14 years.  After high school, she started running short distances (2 miles max) to avoid gaining the dreaded Freshman 15 in college.  Over the years, she gained and lost about 10 pounds.  After she gave birth to her oldest daughter, she became very serious about running and overall fitness.   Katie has run many races: 5ks, 15ks, half marathons, and one marathon attempt.  She still runs and frequently runs half marathons...just for fun!

The older Katie got, the more she became interested in toning and muscle development after gaining about 15 pounds.  She tried weight lifting, personal trainers and countless videos and online guides, still not getting what she ultimately wanted...a bikini body that she was confident of.

A few things are getting her there: Shakeology (which she cannot live without!), Beachbody programs, support from her family, and a love to serve her Lord.

If you truly have a desire to make health changes in your life, Katie is your girl.  She wants to give you coaching support and help you become the person you can only dream about.  It's all about taking a small step...Beachbody! She is on her on fitness journey and would love to have you along for the ride!

Now what?

It is time to take action!  Let's go!